The effectiveness of group therapy with existential approach on self-consciousness of educated housewives

Marzieyeh Feizi, Bahramali Ghanbari Hashemabadi, Hamide Dehnokhalaji, MohammadReza Thadris Hasani


Considering the vital role of women in health and construction of family and society, and the importance of self-consciousness, which is the first skill of personal and marital life, and its use can be useful in effective decision making in interpersonal relationships as well as increased mental health, the present study aims to determine the effectiveness of group therapy with existential approach on self-consciousness of educated housewives. The present study was a quasi-experimental research with pre-test and post-test design. The population studied in this study consisted of female married female housewife students who were volunteers from the Azad University of Neyshabur; that 16 individuals were selected by available sampling and randomly assigned into two experimental and control groups (each group of 8). The instrument was Self-Consciousness Scales (SCS). The members of the experimental group were exposed to existential group therapy during 10 sessions and the control group did not receive any interventions. For data processing, one-variable covariance analysis was used. There was a significant difference between the mean scores of pre-test and post-test in the experimental group and existential psychotherapy significantly increased the self-consciousness of  the educated housewives (p <0.05) .

Existential group therapy is effective in increasing the self-consciousness of educated housewives, and this therapy method can be used to enhance individual and social abilities.

Key words: group therapy, existential approach, self-consciousness, housewives.

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